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Privacy is always in play. From our smartphones to our classrooms, from our laptops to our lounge rooms: the ways we watch, shop, read, and relax are balancing on a tightrope between privacy and convenience.

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The anonymity argument: Debunking the real name fallacy

Originally published on Session. When the internet began, anonymity (or really, pseudonymity) was built into the experience. For the first time in history, we had mass-scale pseudonymous connection and communication. People were posting on bulletin

Global Encryption Day 2021: Live Q&A

Digital security is becoming increasingly undermined both at home in Australia and around the world. It’s important to explain and celebrate the important role encryption plays in keeping us safe and secure online.  Join Executive

On the recent Australian surveillance legislation

Originally published on Session. Regulators are increasingly acting with open hostility towards encryption, security, and privacy. The latest chapter in this sorry story took  place in our own backyard when Australia’s government passed a new bill granting

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