Meet the Oxen Privacy Tech Foundation

We’re a passionate team of advocates, creatives, and engineers building a world where the internet is open, software is free and accessible, and your privacy is protected.

You have a right to privacy.

Whether you’re buying a coffee, messaging a friend, or simply browsing the internet, your privacy should always be protected. Privacy should have no strings attached — it should be provided by default, and it should be free.

But our privacy is increasingly under threat.

We’re here to help. Our mission is to:

  • Build open-source secure communications tools that are free and accessible
  • Produce educational resources to support people and organisations to better understand, use, and implement privacy technologies
  • Support, fund, and assist projects that align with our principles

We’re committed to making our work transparent, freely available, and open-source.


Our guiding principles are:


Privacy tools should be available to everyone — and they should be intuitive, usable, and accessible.

Democratic freedoms

A free and open internet is essential to upholding democratic principles, including freedom of expression and freedom of the press.


People need education and resources to help them understand and exercise their right to privacy.


Digital technology must be designed to protect user privacy by default.


Online communities are strongest when they are open and welcoming, and promote human dignity.