Transparency Report

We may be asked to respond to certain government information requests. Any information which we are permitted to publicly share about requests that we have received will be included on this page. These requests may relate to Session, our secure messaging app, Lokinet, our onion routing network, the Oxen blockchain, or any combination of our technologies. 

Government information requests may be issued through subpoenas or other forms of legal demand, informal channels, or through legislation (such as the Australian Federal Government’s Technical Capability Notice). Requests may be made by different legal authorities from multiple jurisdictions, including the United States, Australia, and/or other countries.

However, due to the design of our decentralised technology, we cannot collect user-specific data. Therefore, requests will most likely be limited to technical information requests

We cannot be forced to release faulty or compromised software.

As of 2023-01-18 we have received 0 requests from 0 jurisdictions.

This page will be updated every three months.