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Privacy is always in play. From our smartphones to our classrooms, from our laptops to our lounge rooms: the ways we watch, shop, read, and relax are balancing on a tightrope between privacy and convenience.

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Cyber laws around the world: Privacy is not the policy

There is no doubt that the European Union’s GDPR has changed the cyber regulation landscape forever. As onlookers from non-EU countries urge their governments and regulators to adopt similar legislation, countries are rapidly adopting their

Kazakhstan needs tougher laws to address the impacts of spyware

In July 2021, the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, issued a statement exposing the widespread use of Pegasus spyware that targeted journalists, human rights activists, politicians, and other people across

Recognition and Protection: India’s Data Privacy Journey

Amber is a Senior Fellow-Trustworthy AI at Mozilla Foundation studying models for algorithmic transparency. He works at the intersection of law, technology and society. The Indian Government withdrew the Personal Data Protection Bill in August

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