Call for article submissions: Cyber policies and laws

August 04, 2022 / Current Affairs, Digital Security, Press Freedom / By Sam de Silva

Submissions are currently: OPEN

Round 2 

The OPTF is calling journalists, researchers, and writers to propose articles and short essays (approximately 750 to 1500 words) about current or emerging cyber laws in your country or region which impact privacy rights and/or the work of activists and journalists. We are also interested in articles and case studies about law enforcement agencies (including police) searching and confiscating digital devices, and using personal/private data to build cases against activists and journalists.  

Selected proposals will be published on the OPTF website, under a Creative Commons attributable license. Contributors will receive an honorarium fee of AUD $350 for their writing.

Submissions for round one close on August 21 2022.

Why are we doing this?

In our 2021 Ground Safe report, one of our recommendations was to increase awareness of digital threats and vulnerabilities. This call for articles and short essays aims to contribute to this recommendation. 

We also believe there’s a need to broaden the pool of writers around this topic, and while the honorarium fee may be modest, we hope it will attract proposals for articles about the topic from around the world.

How to submit your pitch

Submit Your Pitch

You can submit your article pitch through this Google form or by sending us an email. Pitches should be no more than 100 words in length. 

Guidelines for the article

The article should be aimed at and understood by a broad audience interested in the topic. Legal concepts should be explained and the use of jargon should be avoided. Claims made in the article should be referenced or backed up by evidence.  

About OPTF

The OPTF is an Australian digital rights not-for-profit organisation. Our mission is to equip every digital citizen with technology which upholds their right to privacy. We are actively implementing technology projects that help us achieve our mission, such as the active development of Session messenger and Lokinet, and outreach and education programs facilitated by the foundation. 

More information

If you have any questions, or have an idea that doesn’t fit the guidelines of this call, please send an email to or to discuss further. 

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