Press Freedom

Whistleblowers’ bravery recognised at 2021 Blueprint Whistleblowing Prize ceremony

December 20, 2021 / Dev Diary, Event, Press Freedom / By Alex Linton

Ten courageous whistleblowers have been recognised with prizes at this year’s Blueprint for Free Speech Whistleblowing Awards

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Ground Safe: Assessing the digital security needs and practices of human rights defenders

April 06, 2021 / Current Affairs, Digital Security, Press Freedom, Data Privacy / By OPTF

Freedom of expression is essential to preserving democracy and human rights all around the world. Activists must be able to gather and organise, journalists must be able to report, advocates and lawyers must be able to speak out and protect fundamental rights. Over the course of the last two decades, many people defending human rights have relied heavily on technology to carry out their work — things like the internet, smart phones, and social media are used heavily.

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Defending democracy’s defenders? Parliamentary committee issues report on police media raids

September 04, 2020 / Press Freedom / By OPTF

Freedom of the press is one of the foundational tenets of representative democracy. The fourth estate is crucial in keeping governments in check, exposing wrongdoing, and fighting for those unable to speak up for themselves. We rely on the instruments of the media to provide factual, representative information to the wider public. Without the discourse carried out by and in the press, those in power will never face true accountability.  That’s precisely why it is so critical to protect the rights and freedoms of the members of the press to carry out their role in society. 

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