Open Letter

COVID-19 contact tracing: Getting it done — and making it work

April 22, 2020 / Current Affairs, Open Letter / By OPTF

On April 16, I published an open letter detailing my thoughts on contact tracing apps in Australia. In it, I talk about how I think it’s a surprisingly well thought through plan, and in my opinion, sufficiently protects the privacy of the public.

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COVID-19 contact tracing in Australia and abroad: An open letter from Simon Harman

April 16, 2020 / Current Affairs, Open Letter / By OPTF

On April 10th, Apple and Google announced their plans to jointly create software infrastructure in Android and iOS for use in contact tracing apps. Separately, the Singapore government’s efforts to develop a contact tracing app have resulted in TraceTogether, and a similar app now being actively developed for use in Australia. This app will have to utilise the APIs being provided by Google and Apple to increase its effectiveness when they become available.

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