The free press needs end-to-end encryption and secure tech this World Press Freedom Day

April 30, 2020 / Media Releases / By OPTF

“It’s important to recognise the important role of journalism in our democracy, but we must also continue working to ensure our journalists’ safety,” says Loki Foundation Director Josh Jessop-Smith.

“Technology has become an essential part of journalism. But technology allows journalists and their sources to be monitored, abused, and suppressed.

“In a world of backdoors, newsroom raids, and suppression orders, the freedom and safety of journalists is in jeopardy.

“Journalists need technology which provides them and their sources the security and privacy to communicate confidently.

“We must commit to supporting end-to-end encryption and other secure technologies which protect journalists and their sources.

Mr Jessop-Smith is available for further comment at request.

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