Data Privacy

Cyber laws around the world: Privacy is not the policy

December 04, 2022 / Current Affairs, Digital Rights, Data Privacy / By Alex Linton

There is no doubt that the European Union’s GDPR has changed the cyber regulation landscape forever. As onlookers from non-EU countries urge their governments and regulators to adopt similar legislation, countries are rapidly adopting their own sweeping data protection and cyber legislation, much of which is below the standards required to genuinely protect the rights of their citizens.  

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The long and winding road : Striving for data protection in Indonesia

November 17, 2022 / Current Affairs, Data Privacy / By Juliana Harsianti

Juliana Harsianti is an independent researcher and journalist working at the intersection of digital technology and social impact.

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Recognition and Protection: India’s Data Privacy Journey

October 17, 2022 / Current Affairs, Data Privacy / By Amber Sinha

Amber is a Senior Fellow-Trustworthy AI at Mozilla Foundation studying models for algorithmic transparency. He works at the intersection of law, technology and society.

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Signal, mobile numbers and the Twilio hack

August 23, 2022 / Current Affairs, Digital Security, Data Privacy / By Sam de Silva

The recent Twilio hack raises important questions about the vulnerability SMS-based verifications – where users receive an SMS with special code to verify or confirm that they have access to a mobile number used to register to a service. In OPTF’s latest Framed newsletter, we explore the Twilio hack and the vulnerability of using SMS to authenticate users.

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Stifling speech: Censorship, centralisation, and sovereignty in the digital world

September 02, 2021 / Data Privacy / By Alex Linton

In the early days, the internet was something of a protected species. People knew how special it was, the potential it had, and knew we needed to install strong protections to make sure it lived up to its potential. We had the freedom to dream about the bright future that would be built on the shoulders of the internet. And it was easy to think of the internet in terms of ideals, because it wasn’t a part of our daily lives — not yet, at least. Now, the internet has taken over modern life, and it didn’t just make it easier to connect with each other, it gave us entirely new ways to connect. 

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Public interest technology

Security and privacy in tech: The new age of public interest technology

May 26, 2021 / Digital Security, Data Privacy / By Sam de Silva

In March 2021, the OPTF got the opportunity to discuss the importance of digital security tools for civil society organisations at the Virtual Conference on Public Interest Technology hosted by the Arizona State University. The concept of ‘public interest technology’ is slowly gaining traction with an increasing number of events and discussions exploring the term and its meaning.

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groundsafe report ground safe optf oxen privacy tech foundation report

Ground Safe: Assessing the digital security needs and practices of human rights defenders

April 06, 2021 / Current Affairs, Digital Security, Press Freedom, Data Privacy / By OPTF

Freedom of expression is essential to preserving democracy and human rights all around the world. Activists must be able to gather and organise, journalists must be able to report, advocates and lawyers must be able to speak out and protect fundamental rights. Over the course of the last two decades, many people defending human rights have relied heavily on technology to carry out their work — things like the internet, smart phones, and social media are used heavily.

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