Privacy Awareness Week ’22: The foundation of trust

May 03, 2022 / Event / By Alex Linton

The OPTF is back at it again this year — we’re an official, multi-year supporter of Privacy Awareness Week. This year the OAIC is highlighting the relationship between privacy and trust. Trust is a super important part of our everyday lives — and more and more the world around us is asking that we place trust in technology. In fact, Mallory Knodel from the Center for Democracy and Technology recently discussed trust and technology in an (excellent) article for the OPTF.

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Antitrust Day ’22: Putting people back in control of tech

April 04, 2022 / Current Affairs, Event / By Alex Linton

When the internet first emerged, it was a diverse playground that was owned by everyone (and no one). But over the years, a small sect of tech companies have grown, and grown, and grown — and now they are gigantic forces casting a dark, looming shadow over the world of technology. These lucky few—companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook—hold an incredible amount of power in a world which is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. With the technological acceleration which has resulted from the pandemic, it’s almost impossible to go a day without needing technology — and perhaps even harder to go a day without the watching eyes of big tech companies following you; tracking you; learning about you.

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Whistleblowers’ bravery recognised at 2021 Blueprint Whistleblowing Prize ceremony

December 20, 2021 / Dev Diary, Event, Press Freedom / By Alex Linton

Ten courageous whistleblowers have been recognised with prizes at this year’s Blueprint for Free Speech Whistleblowing Awards

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Global Encryption Day 2021: Live Q&A

October 14, 2021 / Event / By Alex Linton

Digital security is becoming increasingly undermined both at home in Australia and around the world. It’s important to explain and celebrate the important role encryption plays in keeping us safe and secure online. 

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